About The Crafty Decorator

One of my favorite things to go shopping at the thrift stores, I love finding treasures that I can take home and transform into something new and amazing to use in our home, it could be something as simple as a silver tray to a piece of furniture.  If you have never been to a thrift store you must go at least once and search for all the little hidden treasures that you can transform into something amazing I promise once you go you will be hooked.

I am not a person who can sit still and just relax, if I am not doing my daily routine you will find me crafting or repurposing my thrift store finds into something I can decorate with.  Since I love to craft and decorate so much I am definitely a bargain hunter, I just about never purchase anything at regular price, I will wait for a sale or use a coupon.

I have always wanted to have a small business of my own but it was just never the right time.  One day my husband said now is the time to follow your dream, it is just my husband and myself left at home now but I still was reluctant.  At dinner one night my husband said you are either crafting or decorating something every day so why not share what you love to do so I thought about it and decided he was right so I started The Crafty Decorator where I hope to inspire you to craft and decorate your home on a tight budget.

Not everyone has the same taste in decorating and that is ok you need to decorate your home so it is what you love and what makes your house feel like a home to you.  Here at The Crafty Decorator I hope to help you achieve turning your house into a warm and welcoming home, you would be amazed how different you can make a room feel with one simple change.

I hope you decide to become part of The Crafty Decorator family and follow me on my blog and social media pages.