Fabric Limes

Fabric Limes
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Fabric Oranges

I have been all about making fruit lately! Fruit just reminds me so much of summer, the sun shining and the beautiful warm weather. I just love how these limes turned out. Be sure to check out my other blogs for strawberries, lemons, and oranges.

Materials I used:

  • Lime and leaf patterns
  • Fabrics of your choice
  • Green felt, I used Kelly Green
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • #20 Natural polished hemp
  • #5 DMC thread in a color green to match your fabrics
  • Needle with eye large enough for the thread
  • 18mm Wooden buttons
  • 22mm Wooden buttons
  • Piece of white chalk
  • Scissors
  • Pinking Shears
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Pattern For Fabric Limes

fabric orange

Cutting out and sewing the limes

The first thing you will need to do is print and cut our your pattern pieces. I like to print mine on a piece of cardstock. The following steps are the same for making the small and the large limes. Lay your lime pattern onto a double layer of fabric (the print is facing out) using a piece of white chalk trace your lime onto the fabric then cut out about an inch or more away the trace line.

Fabric Oranges

Using DMC thread and a needle you are going to sew around the lime leaving a section open for stuffing. You will want to make about ¼” to ½” stitches. Insert needle up from the back make a stitch bringing the needle to the back then bring your needle up right next to the stitch you just made. I hope this makes sense you can look at the photo’s below. You want your stitches to be close together on the front of the lime. Sew around the lime until you reach close to where you started. You want to leave an opening for stuffing. Leave the remaining thread attached for sewing the lime closed.

Fabric Oranges

Stuffing and trimming the lemons

Using the fiberfill stuff your lime firmly. The large lime I did not stuff firmly I didn’t think the large lime would look as good big and puffy so I lightly stuffed the lime but I will leave that up to you. After you have your lime stuffed finish sewing closed ending at the back of the lime. Tie a knot and trim off excess thread.

fabric oranges stuffing

Using pinking shears trim around the lime.

Fabric Oranges

Cutting out and attaching the leaves and button

There are two size leaf patterns one for the small lime and one for the large lime but the following directions are the same for both sizes. Trace and cut out two leaves for each lime. Place your leaves one on top of the other at an angle at the end of the lime that is not pointed. You place the leaves any where you would like you can see where I placed mine in the photo’s below. Using the DMC green thread sew the tops of the leaves to the lime ending up at the back. Tie a knot and trim off excess thread.

Fabric Oranges

For the small lime you are going to use the 18mm wooden button and for the large lime you will use the 22mm wooden button. The following directions are the same for attaching both buttons. Cut a piece of hemp large enough to feed through the button and make a bow. From the top of the button feed one end of the hemp through one hole of the button then feed the other end of the hemp through a second hole bringing both ends to the back of the button. Adjust the hemp so both ends are even then feed one end through a empty hole up to the front of the button, repeat this step with the other end of hemp. Next you are going to tie the hemp into a bow. Trim off some of the ends if they are two long.

Fabric Limes

Add a small drop of hot glue to the back of the button and glue at the top of the leaves.

Fabric Limes

I hope you enjoy making these limes. Make a bunch of them to fill a dough bowl to place in your kitchen.

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