Child’s Easter Bag of Surprises

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Would you like to do something really fun and different for your children or grandchildren for Easter? 

Our grandchildren live out of town and it is difficult to ship Easter baskets without everything falling all over in the basket so this year I decided to do something fun!  I thought why not give them a surprise to open each day of the month up to Easter (April 1st – April 12th).

I was shopping in the Dollar Tree and seen two different cute little fabric bunny bags, one kind was sold in a set of four and the other was a set of two, I decided I would get 3 sets of the 4 and 1 set of the two.  I was going to do one box filled with 12 bags for each grandchild then I was in Target and I was so excited when I found larger bunny sacks in their seasonal dollar section, I just had to get them and they work perfect to hold all 12 bunny bags.


  • 4 Four pack of bunny treat sacks (Dollar Tree)
  • 1 Two pack of bunny treat sacks (Dollar Tree)
  • 1 Large bunny sack (Target)
  • Candy and toys to fill 12 treat sacks
  • 12 Small hangtags
  • 1 Large hangtag

Filling & tying your sacks

Open the four packages of the bunny treat sacks.  Since Easter is on April 12th this year I am using 11 of the 12 bunny sacks and 1 bunny sack for the package of two for Easter Day, this bunny is more fancy then the others so I thought he would be perfect for Easter Day.  Start by filling the 12 bags with your candy and toys, I filled the bunny for Easter Day with something special.

Tie each sack closed with the piece of twin that comes with the sacks.  Take 12 hangtags and number them 1-11, write Easter on the last hangtag, this will tell the child which one to open each day.   I decided to do the number hangtags so one day their surprise would be a little toy and the next day it would be some Easter candy, I alternated each day.

Put your sacks into the large bunny sack

After you have filled each sack, tied them closed and attached the hangtags you can now start putting them in the large bunny sack.  I started putting in the highest numbers first so the ones they would open first would be on top.

Now you can decorate the large hangtag and write their name on the tag.  I found these adorable hangtags at Walmart last year and I forgot I had them so I used them this year on the bags for my grandchildren.

I hope you had fun filling these little surprise bags and I especially hope your children or grandchildren were so excited to open them!

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