Dollar Tree Flower Candle Holders

Dollar Tree Flower Candle Holders
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Dollar Tree Flower Candle Holders

I just love going to the Dollar Tree and walking around looking for something I could create on a budget for my home. While walking around I seen these all gold candlesticks that had leaves and I just new I needed to add a glass votive holder on top to make them look like a flower. I couldn’t find glass votive holders I liked so I just bought the metal candlesticks knowing sooner or later I would find glass votives I liked. About a week later I was back at the Dollar Tree and I found these iridescent votive holders and I just love how they came out.

I did not care for the color gold the candlesticks were so I spray painted them a metallic gold but I will leave that up to you if you like the color gold they already are.

Materials I Used

  • Three different heights of gold candlesticks with leaves from the Dollar Tree
  • Three glass iridescent glass votive holders from the Dollar Tree
  • Krylon Fusion metallic gold spray paint
  • Paint Pixie metallic Enchanted Forest metallic paint
  • Rust-Oleum Matte clear sealer
  • Gorilla clear grip adhesive
  • Paintbrush

Painting And Sealing The Metal Candlesticks

I did not care for the color gold the candlesticks were so I spray painted mine but you can most certainly leave them this color. In a well ventilated area lightly spray paint your candlesticks. It will take around two or three coats letting them dry in-between coats. Next flip the candlesticks over and spray paint them again.

After you have spray painted the candlesticks and they are dry it is time to paint the leaves! I used paint pixie enchanted forest metallic paint but you can use any green metallic paint you would like. Paint both sides of the leaves let dry then paint a second coat.

After you have painted the leaves and they are dry take them into a well ventilated area and spray them with the matte sealer. I did two let coats then flipped them over and did two more light coats of the sealer. Let dry in-between coats.

Attaching The Votive Holder To The Candlesticks

Now for the fun part attaching the votive holders and seeing your flower candle holders come to life lol. Add gorilla clear grip adhesive around the top of the candlestick then place in on the bottom of the votive in the middle. Remove the candlestick add the clear grip adhesive on the bottom of the glass votive then a little more around the top of the candlestick. Let set for about two minutes then attach the votive to the candlestick press down. Let the flower candle holders sit for about 20 minutes.

They are now ready to place where you would like in your home. Add a timer tealight or votive and see how pretty they look. I used mine on my dining room table and I am just loving them! They would also make a great gift!

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