Felt Peaches

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If you have been following me you know I have been a fruit making frenzy lol. I am in Georgia visiting my grandchildren so what better fruit to make then some Georgia peaches! I have made limes, lemons, and oranges using fabric but for the peaches I thought I would use felt to give them more of a fuzzy look like peaches. I ordered wool felt from Amazon you can find the link for my craft must haves below for the felt and thread. I do receive a small commission if you order from my links.

Materials I Used

Felt Peaches Pattern
Georgia Peach wool felt (Amazon)
Babbling Brook- Deep Blue Green wool felt (Amazon)
Coats crochet thread, 10, light peach (Amazon)
Grapevine wire in brown (Hobby Lobby)
Polyester Fiberfill
Piece white chalk
Doll needle or needle with a big enough eye for the thread
Pinking shears
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Paint Pixie chalk paint in the color Aperol Spritz or a orange color craft paint

Here is the link to my recommended craft must haves https://www.amazon.com/shop/thecraftydecorator/list/3QNKTDQG4MCSG?ref_=nav_custrec_signin

Cutting out and sewing the peaches

The first thing you will need to do is print and cut out your pattern pieces. The following steps are the same for the small and large peach. Lay your peach pattern onto a double layer of orange felt using a white piece of chalk trace your peach then cut out about a inch or more away from the trace line.

Using the peach crochet thread and needle you are going to sew around the peach on the chalk line leaving a section open for stuffing. You want to make about 1/4’” stitches or so. Insert the needle up form the back make a stitch bringing the needle to the back then bring your needle up to the front right next to the stitch you just made, I hope this makes sense you can look at the photo’s below. You want your stitches to be close together on the front of the peach. Sew around the peach until you reach close to where you started. You want to leave an opening big enough for stuffing. Leave the thread and needle attached for sewing closed after stuffing.

Stuffing and trimming the peaches

Using fiberfill stuff your peaches firmly. After you have your peach stuffed finish sewing closed ending at the back of the peach. Knot and trim off excess thread.

Using pinking shears trim around the peach.

Adding the stem and coloring

Using wire cutters cut about 1.5” piece of your grapevine wire for each peach this is going to be your stem. Place the stem down into the peach between the two pieces of felt at the top pushing the stem down into your fiberfill. Carefully separate the two pieces of felt using your fingers then add a small amount of hot glue down into the peach where the stem is. Pinch the fabric together this will hold your stem in place.

Using white chalk draw a curved line starting at the top middle (see photo below). Next using the peach tread and needle start at the top and make stitches just the way you sewed around the peach going from front to back pulling tight as you go, this will give you the look of the way a peach looks.

To give the peaches some shading of orange you are going to paint orange paint down the sides and down the center. I say go lightly because it is easier to add more then trying to remove the paint. On the side of the peach that has the wider section I painted the orange wider on that side. After you have done the sides and the middle using your paintbrush without adding anymore paint to it brush over the center sections of the peach. Repeat these steps to the backside of the peach also.

Adding the leaves

There are two size leaves one for the small peach and one for the large peach. Using a piece of white chalk trace the leaf pattern onto a single layer of green felt then cut out using pinking shears. You will need one leaf for each peach.

To attach the leaf add a drop of hot glue to the front of the peach just under the stem then glue on the leaf.

I hope you give these peaches a try they come out just adorable and would be so cute in a bowl or on a tiered tray. Make some lemons, limes, oranges, and strawberries and fill a wooden dough bowl or basket with them it would be perfect as a centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room table!




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