Upcycled Glass Dish Garden Flowers

Upcycled Glass Dish Garden Flowers
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Upcycled Glass Dish Garden Flowers

If you follow me on Facebook you already know I just love thrifting for items I can repurpose or change up.  I have been collecting different color dishes, bowls, small vases and votive holders to make some glass flowers for my yard. You do not have to use just glass to make these flowers I also use vintage silver or silver plated pieces. I just love how simple they are to make and how beautiful they come out. You can find glass items at thrift stores, yard sales and even in your cabinets! If you can’t find any colored glass dishes you can color them yourself using spray paints and a sealer. I used sea glass and stained glass paints along with a Rust-Oleum matt sealer.

Materials I Used:

  • Colored dishes, bowls, votive holders
  • Gorilla clear grip adhesive
  • Salt shaker
  • Copper pipe cut to the length I wanted. You can cut the pipe easy with a pipe cutter.

2 and 3

The first thing you will want to do is wash all your glass pieces to remove any dirt or residue. Add the gorilla clear grip adhesive to the bowl or small plate you are going to attach to your bottom plate then add some adhesive to the middle of the bottom plate let set while you add adhesive to the rest of your pieces.

4 and 5

Next add adhesive to the bottom of the piece you will be placing on your second piece. I only used 3 pieces for this flower you may be using more depending what flower look you are making. If you are using more then 3 pieces add adhesive to the bottoms of your other pieces.

I let the adhesive set a minute or two so the adhesive grabs quickly. Now place your small bowl or plate on top of your bottom plate and press down a little. Next I like to add a little adhesive in the middle of this piece then place my third piece in the center of my bowl and press down slightly. You will now need to let your flower set for about a half hour before moving on to the next step.

7 and 8

Now that you have let your flower set you can turn it over. Add gorilla clear grip adhesive to one side of the salt shaker and then a small amount of the adhesive to the middle of the back of the plate. Let set for a minute or two then place the salt shaker onto the back of the plate and press slightly. You are going to want to let your flower dry for at least 24 hours before placing onto your copper pipe.

After your flower has cured for 24 hours place your piece of copper pipe into the ground where you want your flower then place the salt shaker part of the flower over the copper pipe.

I hope you enjoy making these glass garden flowers! You can see in the below photo one of my painted flowers.

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