Dollar Tree Hanging Planter Basket

Dollar Tree Hanging Planter Basket
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Have you seen my Dollar Tree Planter Blog? After making the planter I decided to make a hanging planter basket it is basically the top of the planter made into a hanging basket.  I just love how this turned out! The possibilities are endless of what you can create using the plastic fencing from Dollar Tree.

Materials I Used:

  • Two pieces of plastic decorative fencing from the Dollar Tree
  • One 16” coco liner, Walmart
  • Plant Hanger from the Dollar Tree
  • One Pizza Pan from the Dollar Tree
  • 4” Zip Ties
  • Spray paint of your choice, I used Rust-Oleum Chalked paint in the color Serenity Blue
  • Spray sealer, I used Rust-Oleum Universal Clear topcoat
  • Scissors
  • Utility Knife

Sorry I am missing a few of the items needed in the photo below

Preparing the Fence Pieces

Using scissors or a utility knife cut off the 3 spikes at the bottom of each piece of fence. Next cut off the two pieces on both sides of each fence that would attach one fence to another.

Next if you look at the bottom inside of the fence you will see little divider pieces that stop the bottom from being a open run across the bottom, you will need to remove these pieces so you will be able to roll the fence pieces around the pizza pan. Using a utility knife cut down both sides of the little pieces then cut out. Remove all the little divider pieces across the bottom of both pieces of fence along with the little divider pieces on the ends of both sides of the fences.

Painting and Sealing The Fence Pieces and Pizza Pan

In a well ventilated area spray paint the two pieces of fences and the pizza pan. You are going to want to paint one side with two to three coats of paint let dry then turn over and paint the other sides two or three coats. After your paint has dry spray two coats of sealer on each side of the pieces letting dry in-between coats.

Attaching the Fence Pieces to the Pizza Pan

Lay down one fence piece with the bottom facing up then take your second fence piece and lay the end of the fence on top of the first icet of the other fence piece. Now using 4” zip ties you are going to zip tie the middles where the two pieces of fence overlay each other  (see photo’s below) I used 4 zip ties. Cut off the excess ends of the zip ties.

Next place your pizza pan in the bottom grove in the middle of the fences then bring both ends of the fences around the pizza pa making sure the pizza pan stays in the grove. Holding the fences ends together zip tie at the bottom and towards the top (see photo’s below). After hanging the planter with the plant I added some more zip ties towards the top making it more secure. Add zip ties where you think your will need them. Cut off the excess ends of the zip ties.

Adding the Plant Hanger and Coco Liner

Attach the three hooks of the plant hanger to the tops of the basket making sure it will hang straight.

Using scissors cut the coco liner in half then cut each half up the middle about half way. Place one half of the coco liner into the basket pushing the side of the coco liner towards the sides of the basket. Place the second coco liner on the other side of the basket and push the sides out to the sides of the basket.

Your basket is ready to add a potted plant in and hang out in your yard from a shepherds hook or from a hook on your porch. I hope you give this a try it is really easy to make and comes out just beautiful!


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