DIY Baseball Bat Carrot

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One day I was shopping in Walmart in the Easter section and I came across plastic orange baseball bats that looked like carrots as soon as I seen them I knew I had to turn them into large carrots to hang on the door. I bought a few bats and took them home and wrapped them with yarn and added greens to the top of them. I just love how they turned out. These bats measured 18” long. If you can not find the bats at Walmart you can buy the plastic bats at Dollar Tree you may need to cut some of the handle off if they are to long.

Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Three 18” Plastic Baseball Bats
  • Orange Chunky Yarn
  • Orange Chenille Yarn
  • Raffia
  • Greens
  • Jute Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Large Nail
  • Wire Cutters

Wrapping the Baseball Bats and Adding the Greens

You want to start squeezing the bottom of the handles in so they are not so round.  I used two different orange yarns to wrap the carrots but you can use what you would like. Add hot glue to the bottom of the handle then glue down the end of your yarn. Continue gluing the yarn to the bottom of the hand going in a circle. Keep adding hot glue around the handle and wrapping the yarn. You will only need until you get past the bottom part of the handle. Continue wrapping the yarn around the carrot working your way up to the top of the carrot. When you get towards the top you will need to start adding got glue again.

Once you reach the top stop rapping. Using a large nail make a hole in the top middle of the bat. Using wire cutters cut apart your greens into three sections.  Insert the greens into the hole then add hot glue around the hole and the top of the bat then continue covering with the yarn. Cut off excess of yarn and glue down the end. Repeat these steps to the other two carrots. I used two types of yarn to wrap my bats so they would have different textures.

Adding the Bow and Hanger

To add the hanger take a piece of jute wrap it around the bottom of all three greens make a loop and tie a double knot. Next take a few strands of raffia wrap around the bottom of the greens and make a bow. Take about two strands of raffia and tie around the middle of all three carrots and make a bow. This will hold all three carrots together.

I hope you enjoyed making these carrots.  They will make a great addition to your Spring and Easter décor.

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