DIY Faux Candy Apples

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If you are anything like me and love to decorate for Fall you are just going to love these faux candy apples.  The candy apples are so easy to make and will just look amazing on your kitchen counter or table for the Fall.  You are just going to have to watch no one tries to eat them that is how real they look!  I hope you find these apples as amazing as I do and give them a try you will not be disappointed.

Materials You Will Need

  • Green Foam Apples (Hobby Lobby)
  • Apple Barrel Bright Red Craft Paint

  • 5 1/8” Pop Sticks (Hobby Lobby)

  • EnviroTex Lite Pour-on High Gloss

  • Paintbrush

  • 2 Plastic Throwaway Bowls

  • 2 Plastic Throwaway Cups

  • Craft Stick

  • Rubber Gloves

  • Raffia (optional)

  • Small Coffee Stained Hang Tags (optional)

Painting The Apples

Using the Apple Barrel bright red craft paint give your apples three coats of paint letting them dry between coats.  I am impatient so I used a hairdryer to dry each coat quickly lol.

Adding The High Gloss

The first thing you will need to do is remove the stem from the apple.  Take one of the pop sticks and insert into the apple where the stem was make sure you push the pop stick down far enough so the apple will not fall off.  Repeat these steps for each apple before mixing the gloss.   Have a large piece of parchment paper ready to set your apples on.

Wearing your rubber gloves you are going to mix the EnviroTex High Gloss according to the directions.  Make sure you have something down to protect the surface you are working on.  To mix the high gloss I used two plastic dixie cups you do not want to mix to much at once or you will have to work fast because it starts to harden kind of quick.  Holding the apple by the pop stick hold the apple over one of your plastic bowls pour the high gloss over the apple then hold the apple over the second plastic bowl and pour the high gloss that you have in the first bowl back over the apple making sure you have the whole apple covered. Do not worry if you see little bubbles in the gloss on your apples they will disappear as they dry.  I really wish they would have stayed because real candy apples have those little bubbles.  Once you have the apple covered place the apple onto your parchment paper. After a few minutes you will see that the gloss is puddling at the bottom of the apple move the apple to a clean space on the parchment paper.  Check the apple again in a few minutes to see if you will need to move it again.  You do want a little puddle of the gloss under the apple just like a real candy apple has.  Repeat these steps to all your apples mixing the high gloss as needed.  You will need to let the apples dry overnight

You should be able to cover six apples with one box of the EnviroTex Lite Pour – On High Gloss.  After you have let the gloss dry overnight you can now tie some raffia around the stick and add a coffee stained hang tag that reads “Candy Apples 5 cents”.   I hope you were amazed how wonderful these candy apples turned out as I was.  Just make sure none of your guest try to eat them.

7 thoughts on “DIY Faux Candy Apples

  1. Cynthia Altaffer says:

    Absolutely love your diy crafts. They all look like very high end merchandise. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and thank John for his wonderful cooking demonstrations. Love you all❤️

    • Sherry says:

      I got it at Ace Hardware they were the cheapest. I didn’t look in Hobby Lobby to see how much it was but I thing it is on sale this week for 30% off so it might be worth a look.

  2. Diana Lynn Montgomery says:

    Those look so good I wanted to take a bite. Was always a treat to me from my Dad. Love your crafts.
    Diana Lynn

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