DIY Silver Lazy Susan

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I just love vintage silver anything.I am always searching goodwill, salvation army, estate sales, and yards sales for vintage pieces I could use to decorate my home with.I have collected so many silver platers and plates that I decided to make a silver lazy susan.This project is so simple and quick you are just going to love it.How cute would this be with cookies or desserts on for the holidays.

Materials You Will Need:.

Vintage Silver Platter or Silver Plated Platterz
Small Silver Platter or A Smaller Silver Bowl
Swivel Plate (Home Depot)
Gorilla Clear Grip Adhesive
Measuring Tape or Ruler

Attaching The Swivel Plate

The first thing you need to do is turn your large platter over so the bottom is facing up.  Next add gorilla clear grip adhesive to the bottom of the swivel plate and  place the on the bottom of the large platter in the center.  Use a measuring tape or ruler to measure around the swivel plate to make sure it is in the center of the platter. Move the swivel plate if needed to center.  Let the adhesive set for about 20 minutes before moving onto the next step.

Attaching The Bottom Platter or Bowl

After you have let the adhesive set for about 20 minutes you are now ready to add gorilla clear grip adhesive to the outer circle of the swivel plate, see photo below.  Place the bottom of the  smaller platter or bowl onto the swivel plate trying to make sure it is centered.  Place something heavy on top, I used a heavy frying pan.  Let set for about an hour then you can remove the weight and turn your lazy susan upright.  Let it set overnight just to make sure the adhesive is set good.

I hope you enjoy making this silver lazy susan.  I forgot to take a photo of the finished lazy susan using the bowl before I gave it away.  What a wonderful gift this would make with some homemade cookies or dessert on it.

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