DIY Paper Mache Ball Garland

Paper Mache Garland
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I was shopping in Hobby Lobby and came across this paper mache ball garland I knew I could make a garland for my tree’s with them.  I just love how you can make this garland to go with any décor buy just using different paints or glitter.  I wanted mine to be more of a modern farmhouse look so I painted mine white and I also painted one orange for fall I just need to finish sanding them lol.

Materials You Will Need

    • Paper Mache Ball Garland (Hobby Lobby)
    • Spray Paint in the color of your choice
    • Painters Tape
    • 220 Grit Sandpaper
    • Plastic Tablecloth
    • 2 Plant Hangers (Dollar Tree)

    Getting The Garland Ready For Paint

    Using painters tape you need to cover the jute twine in-between each ball.  This is so the twine will not get painted while you are spray painting the balls.

    Painting The Paper Mache Balls

    I was trying to think of a easy way I can spray paint the garlands then I remembered I bought two plant hangers from the dollar tree so I laid down a plastic tablecloth in the yard then stuck one of the plant hangers in the ground hooked one end of the garland to it stretched it out across the tablecloth so I can see where I needed to stick the other plant hanger into the ground.  I stuck the second plant hanger in the ground then attached the other end of the garland to the hook.  You are now ready to spray paint.  I did three coats making sure I covered all of the balls, letting them dry in-between coats.

    Sanding The Paper Mache Balls

    Once your garland is dry remove the painters tape.  Using 220 grit sandpaper sand each ball until you achieve the look you would like.


    I hope you enjoy making this paper mache ball garland to match your home décor.  I used one garland on my 2ft. tree I will need two of them for my 6ft. tree.  So depending on how big the tree is you want to use them on will determine how many you will have to make.  This garland would also be wonderful on your fireplace mantel and you can hang ornaments for each season or holiday in-between the balls.

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